Figaro Havanese
Est. 2014 

RR#3 Petrolia, Ontario

Sorry, no puppies planned for 2019!

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Health Testing

A commitment to health screening and a health guarantee against inherited genetic diseases are the gold standard which breeders and puppy buyers should set for themselves.

At Figaro Havanese we obtain health clearances before any animal is considered for our breeding program. We promise complete transparency with all our potential adoptive families.  Certificates from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, a recognized registry for purebred animals, are available on display for both parents, when you visit. You can check the health clearances for Stella below, or follow the link to her registered results at the OFA.

Every dog breed has specific diseases which could show up in a breeding program. Ask to see proof of health clearances when considering any breeder. Beware if none can be provided! That's a red flag that could cost you dearly in heartbreak, suffering and vet bills down the road.  Figaro Havanese strives to provide healthy, happy puppies with ongoing health testing.  Our local Vet Practitioner and Veterinary Opthamologists and Neurologists across Ontario partner with us, and we thank them!

Just like humans, no puppy can be guaranteed against every disease. Vigilant health screening is the beginning, and must be combined with healthy diet and exercise, plus ongoing veterinary care. This gives your bouncing little furbaby the best possible ingredients for a long and happy life!
Stella's Health Clearances

CKC Registration #: BC551988

Eyes:  Normal  HAV-EYE2669/35F-P1

Patellas:  Normal HAV-PA4791/12F/P-VPI

Heart:  Normal HAV-CA4280/37F/P-PI

Thyroid: Normal  HAV-TH449/37F-VPI

Link to OFA